Frequently asked questions

What is your product exactly?
We use an AI technology published by Google researchers in late 2022 to train generative machine learning models on photos of your pet. The model learns features and personality of your pet. We then use the trained model to generate creative pictures of your pet in new contexts and styles. Our customers have various use cases for the photos we generate. To name a few, they use our product to generate "new" memories of their deceased pet, create artistic photos of their pet to print on canvas or tshirt, or simply gift it to a petowner they love. Our key differentiator from "pet portrait" products sold on Etsy etc. is AI's unlimited amount of creativity. Imagine your pet sky diving or playing a guitar!
I loved AI generated pictures I received, can I order more than once?
Absolutely! the generation process is nondeterministic. Hence, every new order results in completely new and unique pictures.
Do I get to choose the styles myself?
Yes! We have added this option recently.
What is the copyright license of images I create?
All generated images are yours to license as you see fit. We retain no rights to them, and will not share them without your permission.
Why is your service paid?
AI consumes tremendous amount of computation to generate amazing pictures for you. It's very expensive, but we made it as affordable as possible ❤️
How is your service different than Photoshop?
Our service is different than Photoshop in many ways. For one, you don't need to be a graphic designer to use our service. We use latest advancements in cutting edge machine learning research to generate imaginary concepts. Plus, you receive multiple pictures very quickly and cheaply compared to having someone does it for you in Photoshop!
Do you keep the AI generated images?
Please read our privacy policy for more details.
Do you keep the images I upload?
Please read our privacy policy for more details.
What artificial intelligence model do you use?
We use Dreambooth: Fine Tuning Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for Subject-Driven Generation by Ruiz et al. from Google Research published in 2022.
Will I get a copy of the trained model?
As per our retention policy we automatically delete models right after generating the images.
Can I get a refund?
We immediately start training the AI after uploading your photos and incur high costs for doing that. Therefore we can't offer refunds.
If you have further questions or concerns please contact support.
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